site-specific works   >   Containment Wall Traces

2016; ink on tracing paper; approx. 60 x 204 x 36 inches (152.4 x 518.16 x 91.44 cm)

This site-specific drawing installation was located at the top of one wall and on the ceiling of the gallery at Trestle Projects, a nonprofit art organization in the Gowanus neighborhood in Brooklyn. The work was based on the corrosion patterns on the surface of the corrugated steel walls that line the edges of the nearby Gowanus canal. Framing the undulating pattern on either end of the piece are contours of the steel walls, as seen from above the canal.


Containment Wall Traces (initial view, from across the room)

Containment Wall Traces (detail: view upward)

Containment Wall Traces (detail: top right corner)

Containment Wall Traces (detail: left side)