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2018, inkjet prints of digital drawings, 8×10 inches each.
Made in collaboration with the laboratory of Jayne Raper, CUNY Hunter College, through the Ligo Project.

These works were inspired by the 3D models and animations of trypanosome motility and morphometry created by a team at the University of Würzburg, Germany.

In science and art, the processes of image creation and interpretation serve very different roles: in one, images are presumed to reveal specific factual data; in the other, images are expected to disclose emotional truths. My works translate and transform existing visual information into hybrids, between objectivity and subjectivity.


Microswimmer Traces: epimastigote trypanosome

Microswimmer Traces: metacyclic trypanosome

Crowding Microswimmer Traces: procyclic trypanosomes

Crowding Microswimmer Traces: metacyclic and epimastigote trypanosomes

Crowding Microswimmer Traces: mesocyclic trypanosomes